Here, There and Everywhere!

It has been a very busy week dog walking, house sitting and looking after various pets.

Last weekend I had two of my regular customers come to stay with me (home boarding) for a few days. They love their holidays with me, seeing their doggie friends and running around the farm! We went for walks in lots of different locations, such as Burwash, Woods Corner and Punnett’s Town.

This week I’ve had a couple of new dogs join my doggie tribe for regular dog walks. They are a real pleasure to have in the group walks. We have been on various walks together this week, Heathfield, Warbleton, Punnetts Town and Burwash, it’s been very enjoyable especially as the weather has been so beautiful this week!

I am away again this weekend, house sitting in Heathfield, looking after two lovely little jack Russell’s. Tomorrow we are off to Burwash to collect some doggie friends for walks in the forest!

Joss Philpott

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