A little about me . . .

Photo of JossFrom the age of fourteen I have been house cleaning for private families. This has led to babysitting, animal sitting and house sitting over the years. One person has recommended me to another and I still work for those same people who I started work with all those years ago! I pride myself with reliability and honesty which is so important when people are coming into your home.


Although I still enjoy cleaning, sometimes it can be too much so I have decided to lean more towards working with animals (particularly dogs) and have explained this to my clients who understand why I intend reducing my cleaning work. Hence the reason I am offering animal care, either in your own home (if local to the Heathfield area,) or in mine. I have a small bungalow with a well fenced garden and no other pets, where animals can come to stay short term. I am unable to have larger dogs at my home, as the space is not suitable, unless the dog is very quiet or elderly.


Over the years I have looked after various dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and small animals. Also I am happy around poultry sheep, pigs, ponies, donkeys and well-behaved horses (I draw a line at snakes and spiders!)


My parents have run an animal sanctuary for over 30 years, so I have grown up surrounded by rescued pets and injured wildlife! If I have any difficulties at all, my parents are always there to advise or help me.


So if you are looking for a responsible, caring person who understands the feeling of leaving your loved pets whilst you are unable to be around, please call me to discuss your situation and I will see if I can help.

Me growing up with animals

Me growing up with animals

Collage 1 Joss growing up with animals
Collage 2 Joss growing up with animals
collage3 Joss growing up with animals